Play For The Entertainment. Do Not Play To Win!

Playing is for most people an enjoyable relaxing and excitement entertainment that is under control both in regards to time and money spent. The fun in playing should primarily lay in the entertainment itself and the excitement of that a win could come your way. The primary reason to play should not be the prospect of winning.

Loss of control is something that can happen to us all at one point in life for various matters. The loss of control for gaming and the thought of winning and/or win back money that have been lost can be devastating already the first time and can also lead to a gaming addiction.

As a supplier of gaming entertainment BingoHalli take gaming addiction very seriously and will do our outmost to prevent an addiction to develop and assist anyone with an existing addiction visiting BingoHalli to help.

When Should You Not Play?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions you might be at risk or already have an addiction and should not play but click here for help right now!

  • Have you ever played for more money than you could afford?
  • If you have lost money, do you continue to play in order to try to win back what you have lost?
  • Have you ever played to comfort yourself and used the gaming as away to escape reality?
  • Has ever any in your family or any friend questioned your gaming behaviour?
  • Has the time you have spent playing ever affected your social life, family, or friends?
  • Have you ever felt either depressed, remorse, sick, or felt that you are losing grip of your life, after you have played, or over your gaming in general because of gaming?
Click here for help now!

If you ever have had a gaming addiction you should refrain from gaming just as any other addiction even if you feel in control at the moment.

Deposit Limitation, Plan Your Gaming And Keep A Budget!

Exaggeration can be take many forms. Too much. Too little. There are so many things that we can spend money on and the list is endless. Time spent or money spent on gaming. The world around us offer many good things that should remain good and healthy and not become an exaggeration. BingoHalli will do as much as possible that neither too much time is spent, by in-between every game showing you your computer time so you do not sit too long, since that can affect your social life, or that you spend too much money since that also will have a negative affect on your life and might have other direct negative consequences.

BingoHalli will do as much as we can on our site and in our communication with you to take our responsibility so that our products will be a fun and entertaining experience and retain a contact with you so we know what is responsible for you and appropriate to you.

So where should the line be drawn? This is a hard question to answer. What is a healthy gaming time for you? At BingoHalli you can put a budget on how much you want to limit your deposits over a certain period.

You should never deposit more money than you can afford to lose and still feel good about yourself afterwards! You should always take into consideration every time you deposit money that you can lose all of it!

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