BingoHalli has your security as our number one priority. The security aspects for offering our product to you are:
  1. Hardware: This include firewalls, routers, and the computers themselves
  2. Software: The operation system that run on the hardware
  3. Communication: Data/Information between you and us
  4. Humans: The skill and experience controlling the three aforementioned

The above-mentioned aspects are like a chain that is not stronger than its weakest link. Therefore BingoHalli use state of the art products and constantly update, upgrade and monitor our systems.

The Hardware we use are modern and state of the art but primarily the Hardware's security depend on what system that run on them, i.e. the Software.

The Software we use to operate our servers (a server is basically a normal computer but differ in size, configuration and setup) is as for virtually any large system a UNIX based operating system. Firewalls and routers also require system updates every so often.

The communication (the data transferred) between your computer and us is encrypted by what is called SSL that stand for Secure Socket Layer. This is the same system used by e.g. Online Banking and is critical to ensure your security. You can tell when the SSL is active either via that your browser window display a padlock (most often displayed in the corner) or that the actual address prefix change from http to https.

Our technicians have a long and extended experience of working with data security and are highly skilled. Even though the human control the computer systems there are also automated systems that verify that the interaction between man and machine is correct.

Personal Integrity

Even though the general system setup as described above lead to that we can store your information securely we do not store all data as extra security precaution. For instance we do not store all your payment data but only your preferred choice of payment, which means that you have to state certain information such some payment, details each time. The data we store such as your name, email, age, address, are done so securely.

Winnings and funds

We constantly store all your data such as winnings, funds held on the active database and simultaneously at a backup system so at no time is vital data at risk. As a securely conscious company all gaming data is stored as the game start so even if your computer crash or there is an electricity blackout all data and results have been saved in our servers so at no time is your winnings or money at risk. What does this actually mean would be quite an obvious question here and would be "How can you save the game before it ends?". The method applied here is by law a requirement for any company holding a gaming license and all operators must use the method in order to offer security and fairness. The method work like this; by the use of a tested and certified random number generator (RNG or Random Number Generator) after purchases for a game has been completed, a series of numbers required for the game to be completed is randomly drawn 20 times. Then one of the series of numbers is randomly picked. A comparison here would be for a card game the same as shuffling 20 decks of cards several hundreds of times and then picking one of the decks. The randomly chosen number series is stored in the databases. After that all players participating cards are stored. The game will not and cannot begin until all this has been carried out and securely saved. We understand that this might sound somewhat boring but first of all it is the law. Secondly nobody would like to miss out on a win because of a fuse blew or that the power plug was accidentally pulled. The fun still remain since nobody knows... It is just like a scratch card where the win is hidden till you scratch the hiding layer away. BingoHalli's random number generator has been tested and verified Technical Systems Testing.

BingoHalli wish you a pleasurable and secure entertainment.

BingoHalli™ is owned and/or operated by Innovus N.V. Group of companies 68 Lyuben Karavelov Str., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria. The Innovus N.V. Group includes/consists of BPMNG Solutions LTD, 205349100, 68 Lyuben Karavelov Str., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria, Technical Consulting and Management Services Ltd, Station House Connaught Road, Brookwood, Woking, GU24 0ER Surrey, and Innovus N.V., Fransche Bloemweg 4, Curacao.
SSL encryption is employed to protect sensitive data.